Aquarius - Horoscope


Element: Air

Color: Light Blue, Silver

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Best Match: Virgo Libra Aquarius

Lucky Number: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29

Date:1/20 ~ 2/18


Aquarius Compatibility Index


Aquarius Personality Traits

Strengths:Progressive, Original, Independent, Humanitarian

Weaknesses:Avoids emotional expression, Moody, Uncompromising, Aloof

Aquarius Likes:Having fun with friends, adventurous business, fighting for a cause, intellectual conversations.

Aquarius Dislikes:Limitations, broken promises, loneliness, dull or boring situations.

Aquarians typically possess an open and innovative mindset, seeking independence and freedom. They enjoy being unique, trying new things and ideas. Aquarians are often imaginative and creative, sometimes idealistic and rational. They like to think and explore, possibly engaging in fields such as philosophy, science, technology, and the arts.

In social interactions, Aquarians may be somewhat elusive and independent. They tend to have their own social circles but do not need to be close to others. Aquarians lean towards supporting equality and justice, usually associating with those who have their own thoughts and pursuits.

In terms of career and finances, Aquarians might have unusual career choices and goals. They may be attracted to emerging and cutting-edge fields, enjoying research and discovery. Aquarians might have unique creative ideas but may need to learn how to turn these ideas into practical projects or products. Financially, Aquarians usually focus on balance and moderation, but they might overlook practical financial conditions in pursuit of creativity and ideals.

Overall, Aquarians are freedom-seeking and innovative individuals who tend to associate with like-minded people and often have very unique life pursuits.

Aquarius - Love and Emotions


Aquarius is an open and independent sign, so they also display independence in love and emotions. They value their freedom and independence highly and dislike being constrained or limited. Therefore, they may appear relatively aloof and take time to truly form emotional connections with others.

However, once Aquarians establish an emotional connection, they are usually very committed and loyal. They deeply care for their loved ones and are willing to do anything for them. But they also maintain a certain level of rationality in love and emotions, considering practical and realistic aspects rather than being easily swayed by emotions and feelings.

Aquarians are also very good at thinking and exploring, often being open to unconventional forms of love and relationships. For example, they may be more inclined to accept open relationships or polyamorous relationships. They also prefer to establish relationships with those who share common interests and values, rather than just being together for romantic love.

Aquarians are very independent, rational, and open in love and emotions. They usually respect others' freedom and independence and hope that others will also respect their independence and freedom.

Aquarius - Family and Friends


Aquarius is a sign that values friendship highly, often forming closer bonds with friends than with family. Aquarians enjoy making friends with people from different backgrounds and interests, hoping to learn from diverse perspectives and experiences. They cherish independence and freedom but also need communication and interaction. When you're with them, you'll feel their energy and creativity. Aquarians are responsible and will go out of their way to help friends solve problems.

Aquarians also care deeply about their families, especially their parents. Although they may not express their emotions passionately, they are very attentive to their family's well-being. Aquarians often work hard for their family's welfare and future, providing the best education and living conditions for their children.

Aquarius is a sociable sign, often having many friends and social resources, which helps them succeed in their careers. Support and encouragement from friends and family are crucial for Aquarians, as they need this to build confidence and strive forward.

Aquarius is a sign that values relationships and social networks, maintaining close connections with friends and family and providing them with support and help. In interacting with an Aquarius, you will feel their enthusiasm and creativity and benefit from their extensive social resources.

Aquarius - Career and Money


Aquarians typically possess an innovative and independent spirit, enjoying trying new things and methods. They are also rational, planning and setting their goals systematically. These traits give Aquarians an advantage in their careers and finances.

In their careers, Aquarians like to express their creativity and independence at work. They enjoy solving problems and trying new methods, which allows them to excel in innovation and leadership. Aquarians are also good at handling complex issues, seeing the big picture rather than just the details.

However, Aquarians might be overly rational and independent, leading to poor communication and collaboration within a team. Their strong independence and innovation may make them reluctant to follow rules and traditions. Thus, Aquarians need to learn to cooperate and communicate with others to fully realize their potential.

In financial matters, Aquarians are typically rational and prudent. They usually avoid impulsive investments or spending, preferring to plan and stick to their budget. With their innovative thinking, they may try new investment methods and financial strategies.

However, Aquarians can be overly optimistic and idealistic, leading to a lack of caution in financial decisions and investments. They may also focus too much on the future, neglecting their current financial situation. Therefore, Aquarians need to maintain rationality and prudence to ensure financial stability and security.

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