Libra - Horoscope


Element: Air

Color: Light Blue

Ruling Planet: Venus

Best Match: Gemini Libra Aquarius

Lucky Number: 4, 6, 13, 15, 24

Date:9/23 ~ 10/22


Libra Compatibility Index


Libra Personality Traits

Strengths:Cooperative, Diplomatic, Gracious, Fair-minded, Social

Weaknesses:Indecisive, Avoids confrontations, Carries grudges, Self-pitying

Libra Likes:Harmony, Gentleness, Sharing with others, Outdoor activities

Libra Dislikes:Violence, Injustice, Loudmouths

Libras are naturally inclined to seek balance and harmony. They are good at observing their surroundings and relationships, and they excel at resolving conflicts and mediating differing opinions. Libras appreciate beauty and art, have a refined sense of taste, and strive for a high-quality life. Because they prefer peaceful and harmonious environments, they often try to avoid conflicts and disputes, sometimes to the point of overcompromise.

Libras love socializing and interacting with others. They understand how to get along with people, express their opinions and feelings well, and are often liked and respected by those around them. They have a strong sense of justice and fairness, believing that truth and equity will ultimately prevail. Libras also care greatly about their appearance and image, preferring to dress elegantly and comfortably, leaving a good impression.

However, Libras also have some weaknesses. Their desire for balance and harmony can make them lazy and indecisive. They are easily influenced by external factors and may lack confidence and independent thinking. Additionally, they dislike facing unpleasant situations and emotions, sometimes avoiding reality and responsibility.

In love and relationships, Libras are very romantic and seek equality and reciprocity. They want their partner to understand their needs and emotions, valuing good communication and coordination. In friendships, Libras also value harmony and camaraderie, enjoying spending time with like-minded people and sharing their lives. They are compassionate and willing to help those around them, making others feel warmth and care.

Libra - Love and Emotions


Libra is a sign that seeks balance and harmony, which is reflected in their pursuit of love and emotions. They usually enjoy romance and sweet talk, longing for a beautiful love story. Libras are cautious in their feelings, carefully weighing the pros and cons when choosing a partner.

They like to listen to their partner's heart and are good at creating romance and surprises for them. Libras value equality and fairness, hoping to receive the same respect and return in their relationships. Therefore, in love, they try to balance their own needs with those of their partner, seeking a win-win relationship.

However, because they often seek balance and compromise, Libras can sometimes be indecisive, especially when facing difficult decisions. They may also neglect their own needs by focusing too much on their partner's feelings. Thus, they need to find a balance in love, attending to their own needs while also considering their partner's emotions.

In relationships, Libras also pay great attention to appearance and image. They want both themselves and their partner to maintain a good image, investing time and effort in dressing and grooming. However, they do not only focus on outward appearances, as they also value inner qualities and traits.

Libra - Family and Friends


Libra is a very friendly, gentle, and harmonizing sign. They deeply care for their family and friends and are willing to do anything for them. Libras generally do not play favorites among friends, as they aim to build good relationships with everyone. They are good listeners and understand others well, easily considering problems from different perspectives.

For their family, Libras highly value harmony. They strive to create a peaceful and warm family atmosphere, offering support and help to their loved ones. They care deeply about their family's health and happiness and work to resolve family issues.

As friends, Libras are easy to get along with. They enjoy meeting new people in social settings and are willing to share their time and energy. They are considerate of their friends' needs and do their best to help solve their problems. However, because they try to maintain good relationships with everyone, friends may sometimes feel less valued.

Libra - Career and Money


Libras are typically peace-loving, harmonious, and just, traits that are reflected in their career and financial perspectives. They tend to pursue careers that require coordination and balance, such as law, public relations, art and design, and medicine, where they find balance between different interests.

They usually have excellent social skills and networks, easily navigating different social situations. This makes them successful in careers that require communication and collaboration. Additionally, they have good analytical skills and judgment, quickly identifying key issues and proposing effective solutions.

Financially, Libras are typically rational and cautious, carefully considering each expense and avoiding waste. They effectively manage their finances, ensuring stability and sustainable growth. However, their pursuit of balance and fairness can sometimes compromise their economic capabilities, so they need to maintain self-balance.

In the workplace, Libras are typically assertive and confident but also recognize the importance of teamwork and consensus. They are good at mediating different opinions, fostering harmony among team members to achieve common goals. Many Libras, possessing artistic talent, find success in the arts and cultural fields.

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