Tarot Card Meanings


The Fool

Upright Keyword : Beginnings Freedom Innocence Creativity Adventure Idealism Spontaneity

Reversed Keyword : Recklessness Carelessness Distraction Immaturity Foolishness Gullibility Stagnation Sluggishness

The Magician

Upright Keyword : Willpower Desire Resourcefulness Skills Ability Focus Performance

Reversed Keyword : Manipulation Cunning Trickery Wasted talent Delusion Deception

The High Priestess

Upright Keyword : Subconscious Intuition Mystery Spirituality Higher power Inner voice

Reversed Keyword : Suppressed intuition Hidden motives Superficiality Confusion Cognitive dissonance

The Empress

Upright Keyword : Sacred Feminine Sensuality Fertility Nurturing Creativity Beauty Abundance Nature

Reversed Keyword : Insecurity Domination Neglect Suffocation Lack of Growth Lack of Progress

The Emperor

Upright Keyword : Stability Structure Protection Authority Control Practicality Focus Discipline

Reversed Keyword : Tyranny Domination Inflexibility Stubbornness Lack of Discipline Rashness

The Hierophant

Upright Keyword : Tradition Social groups Convention Conformity Education Knowledge Faith

Reversed Keyword : Rebellion Non-conformity New methods Ignorance

The Lovers

Upright Keyword : Love Union Partnership Relationships Choices Romance Balance Unity

Reversed Keyword : Disunity Imbalance Conflict Detachment Poor choices Indecision

The Chariot

Upright Keyword : Efficiency Seizing Opportunities Success Ambition Determination Willpower Control Self-discipline Focus

Reversed Keyword : Loss of Control Accidents Failure Lack of Direction Lack of Control Stubbornness Aggression Obstacles


Upright Keyword : Courage Bravery Confidence Compassion Self-assurance Inner strength

Reversed Keyword : Self-doubt Weakness Low confidence Inadequacy Timidity Stubbornness

The Hermit

Upright Keyword : Self-reflection Introspection Contemplation Withdrawal Solitude Self-discovery

Reversed Keyword : Loneliness Isolation Seclusion Antisocial behavior Rejection Reintegration into society

Wheel of Fortune

Upright Keyword : Change Cycles Destiny Pivotal moments Luck Fortune Unexpected events

Reversed Keyword : Bad luck Lack of control Fixating on control uUnwelcome changes Delays


Upright Keyword : Justice Fairness Consequences Responsibility Law Truth Honesty Integrity cause and effect

Reversed Keyword : Injustice Retaliation Dishonesty Corruption Insincerity Unfairness Evasion of responsibility

The Hanged Man

Upright Keyword : Sacrifice Waiting Uncertainty Lack of direction Perspective Contemplation

Reversed Keyword : Procrastination Apathy Stagnation Avoidance of sacrifice Indecision Indifference


Upright Keyword : Transformation Endings Change Transition Letting Go Release

Reversed Keyword : Fear of Change Repeating Negative Patterns Resisting Change Stagnation Decay


Upright Keyword : Balance Peace Patience Moderation Calmness Serenity Harmony Tranquility

Reversed Keyword : Imbalance Excess Extremes Discord Recklessness Haste

The Devil

Upright Keyword : Oppression Addiction Obsession Dependency Excess Powerlessness Limitation

Reversed Keyword : Independence Freedom Revelation Release Regaining Power Regaining Control

The Tower

Upright Keyword : Disaster Destruction Upheaval Trauma Sudden Change Chaos

Reversed Keyword : Avoiding Disaster Narrow Escape Averted Disaster Calm Before the Storm

The Star

Upright Keyword : Hope Inspiration Positivity Faith Renewal Healing Rejuvenation

Reversed Keyword : Despair Hopelessness Negativity Lack of Faith Discouragement

The Moon

Upright Keyword : Illusion Intuition Uncertainty Confusion Complexity Secrets Unconscious

Reversed Keyword : Fear Deception Anxiety Misunderstanding Clarity Understanding

The Sun

Upright Keyword : Happiness Success Optimism Vitality Joy Confidence Fulfillment Truth

Reversed Keyword : Blocked Happiness Overenthusiasm Pessimism Unrealistic Expectations Arrogance


Upright Keyword : Self-Evaluation Awakening Renewal Purpose Reflection Reckoning

Reversed Keyword : Self-Doubt Lack of Self-Awareness Failure to Learn Lessons Self-Loathing

The World

Upright Keyword : Completion Achievement Fulfillment Sense of Belonging Wholeness Harmony

Reversed Keyword : Lack of Closure Lack of Achievement Feeling Incomplete Emptiness


Ace of Wands

Upright Keyword : Inspiration Creative Spark New Initiative New Passion Enthusiasm Vitality

Reversed Keyword : Delays Obstacles Lack of Passion Lack of Energy Hesitation Creative Block

Two of Wands

Upright Keyword : Planning First Steps Making Decisions Leaving Comfort Taking Risks

Reversed Keyword : Poor Planning Over-Analysis Inaction Cautious Avoiding Risk

Three of Wands

Upright Keyword : Motivation Confidence Expansion Growth Vision Foresight

Reversed Keyword : Limitations Restrictions Lack of Progress Obstacles Delays Frustration

Four of Wands

Upright Keyword : Community Family Celebration Gathering Stability Sense of Belonging

Reversed Keyword : Lack of Support Instability Feeling Unwelcome Transience Lack of Roots Family Conflict

Five of Wands

Upright Keyword : Conflict Competition Arguments Aggression Tension Rivals Inner Conflict

Reversed Keyword : End of Conflict Cooperation Agreement Truce Harmony Peace Avoiding Conflict

Six of Wands

Upright Keyword : Success Victory Triumph Reward Recognition Praise Acclaim Pride

Reversed Keyword : Failure Lack of Recognition No Reward Lack of Achievement

Seven of Wands

Upright Keyword : Defend Yourself Stand Up for Yourself Protect Yourself Protect Territory

Reversed Keyword : Giving Up Admitting Defeat Yielding Lack of Confidence Surrender

Eight of Wands

Upright Keyword : Movement Speed Progress Quick Decisions Sudden Changes Excitement

Reversed Keyword : Waiting Slowdown Confusion Delays Loss of Momentum Haste Unpreparedness

Nine of Wands

Upright Keyword : Last Stand Persistence Perseverance Resilience Nearing Success Fatigue

Reversed Keyword : Stubbornness Rigidity Defensiveness Refusal to Compromise Giving Up

Ten of Wands

Upright Keyword : Burden Responsibility Obligation Pressure Duty Exhaustion Struggle

Reversed Keyword : Unable to Let Go Taking on Too Much Collapse

Page of Wands

Upright Keyword : Adventure Excitement Fresh Ideas Cheerful Energetic Fearless Outgoing

Reversed Keyword : Hasty Impatient Lack of Ideas Tantrums Lazy Boredom Unreliable Distracted

Knight of Wands

Upright Keyword : Brave Energetic Charming Heroic Rebellious Hot-Tempered Free-Spirited

Reversed Keyword : Arrogant Reckless Impatient Lack of Self-Control Passive Unstable Domineering

Queen of Wands

Upright Keyword : Confident Enthusiastic Determined Sociable Charismatic Lively Optimistic

Reversed Keyword : Demanding Vengeful Insecure Jealous Selfish Moody Bullying

King of Wands

Upright Keyword : Leadership Vision Big Picture Control Bold Decisions Daring Optimism

Reversed Keyword : Domineering Overbearing Tyrant Malicious Powerless Ineffective Weak Leader


Ace of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : New opportunities Resources Abundance Prosperity Security Stability Manifestation

Reversed Keyword : Missed opportunities Scarcity Lack Instability Miserliness Poor investment

Two of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : Balancing resources Adaptability Resourcefulness Flexibility Prioritization Multitasking Fun-oriented Win-win

Reversed Keyword : Imbalance Disorganization Overwhelmed Messy Chaos Overextension

Three of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : Teamwork Shared goals Collaboration Apprenticeship Hard work Focus

Reversed Keyword : Lack of cohesion Lack of teamwork Indifference Lack of motivation Conflict Self-interest Competition

Four of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : Possessiveness Insecurity Hoarding Stinginess Stability Security Savings Materialism Wealth Frugality Boundaries Guarding

Reversed Keyword : Generosity Giving Spending Openness Financial insecurity Reckless spending

Five of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : Hardship Loss Isolation Feeling Abandoned Adversity Struggle Unemployment Estrangement Shame

Reversed Keyword : Positive change Recovery from loss Overcoming adversity Forgiveness Feeling welcomed

Six of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : Generosity Charity Community Material Help Support Sharing Giving and Receiving Gratitude

Reversed Keyword : Power Dynamics Abuse of Generosity Selfishness Inequality Extortion

Seven of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : Harvest Rewards Results Growth Progress Perseverance Patience Planning

Reversed Keyword : Unfinished Work Procrastination Low Effort Wasted Resources Lack of Growth Frustration Impatience Lack of Reward

Eight of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : Skills Talent Craftsmanship Quality High Standards Expertise Mastery Commitment Dedication Achievement

Reversed Keyword : Lack of Quality Hasty Work Poor Reputation Lack of Motivation Mediocrity Laziness Low Skills Dead End

Nine of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : Rewarding Efforts Success Achievement Independence Leisure Material Security Self-Sufficiency

Reversed Keyword : Guarded Overspending Material Instability Recklessness Superficiality

Ten of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : Inheritance Roots Family Ancestry Legacy Windfall Foundation Privilege Affluence Stability Tradition

Reversed Keyword : Family Disputes Bankruptcy Debt Fleeting Success Financial Conflict Instability Breaking Tradition

Page of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : Ambitious Diligent Goal-oriented Planner Consistent Star Student Studious Grounded Loyal Faithful Dependable

Reversed Keyword : Foolish Immature Irresponsible Lazy Poor Grades Procrastination Missed Opportunities Bad Prospects

Knight of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : Practical Reliable Efficient Steadfast Slow but Steady Diligent Loyal Patient Conservative

Reversed Keyword : Workaholic Lazy Dull Boring No Initiative Cheap Irresponsible Gambler Risky Investments

Queen of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : Generous Caring Nurturing Homely Good Business Sense Practical Comfort Warmth Sensible Luxury

Reversed Keyword : Selfish Untidy Jealous Insecure Greedy Materialistic Gold Digger Intolerant Self-centered Envious

King of Pentacles

Upright Keyword : Abundance Prosperity Security Ambitious Safe Kind Patriarchal Protective Merchant Provider Sensual Reliable

Reversed Keyword : Greedy Materialistic Wasteful Chauvinistic Poor Financial Decisions Gambler Exploitative Possessive


Ace of Cups

Upright Keyword : Love New Feelings Emotional Awakening Creativity Spirituality Intuition

Reversed Keyword : Apathy Emptiness Emotional Loss Blocked Creativity Feeling Unloved Melancholy

Two of Cups

Upright Keyword : Unity Partnership Attraction Connection Close Bonds Unified Effort Mutual Respect

Reversed Keyword : Separation Rejection Division Imbalance Tension Poor Communication Withdrawal

Three of Cups

Upright Keyword : Friendship Community Gatherings Celebrations Group Activities Social Events

Reversed Keyword : Gossip Scandal Excess Isolation Loneliness Imbalanced Social Life

Four of Cups

Upright Keyword : Apathy Contemplation Feeling Disconnected Melancholy Boredom Indifference Discontent

Reversed Keyword : Clarity Awareness Acceptance Choosing Happiness Depression Negativity

Five of Cups

Upright Keyword : Loss Grief Disappointment Sadness Mourning Dissatisfaction Regret

Reversed Keyword : Acceptance Moving On Finding Peace Contentment Seeing the Positive

Six of Cups

Upright Keyword : Nostalgia Memories Familiarity Healing Comfort Sentimentality Pleasure

Reversed Keyword : Stuck in the Past Moving Forward Leaving Home Independence

Seven of Cups

Upright Keyword : Choices Searching for Purpose Illusion Fantasy Daydreaming Wishful Thinking Indecision

Reversed Keyword : Lack of Purpose Confusion Chaos Diversion Distraction Clarity Making a Choice

Eight of Cups

Upright Keyword : Abandonment Walking Away Letting Go Seeking Truth Leaving

Reversed Keyword : Stagnation Monotony Accepting Less Avoidance Fear of Change Stuck in a Bad Situation

Nine of Cups

Upright Keyword : Wishes Come True Satisfaction Fulfillment Success Achievement Recognition Happiness

Reversed Keyword : Unhappiness Lack of Fulfillment Disappointment Poor Performance Arrogance Snobbery

Ten of Cups

Upright Keyword : Happiness Homecoming Fulfillment Emotional Stability Security Family Harmony

Reversed Keyword : Unhappy Home Separation Family Conflict Disharmony Isolation

Page of Cups

Upright Keyword : Idealistic Sensitive Dreamer Naive Innocent Inner Child Head in the Clouds

Reversed Keyword : Emotional Vulnerability Immaturity Ignoring Inner Child Escapism Insecurity

Knight of Cups

Upright Keyword : Idealist Charming Artistic Graceful Tactful Diplomatic Mediator Negotiator

Reversed Keyword : Disappointment Temper Tantrums Moody Confusion Avoiding Conflict Vanity

Queen of Cups

Upright Keyword : Compassion Warmth Kindness Intuition Healer Counselor Support

Reversed Keyword : Insecurity Overgiving Overly Sensitive Needy Vulnerable Dependent Martyrdom

King of Cups

Upright Keyword : Wise Diplomatic Balance between mind and heart Loyal Advisor Counselor

Reversed Keyword : Overwhelmed Anxious Apathetic Repressed Isolated Controlling Selfish


Ace of Swords

Upright Keyword : Clarity Breakthrough New ideas Focus Vision Strength Focus Truth

Reversed Keyword : Confusion Poor communication Hostility Arguments Destruction Brutality

Two of Swords

Upright Keyword : Stalemate Difficult choices Caught in the middle Denial Hidden information

Reversed Keyword : Indecision Hesitation Anxiety Information overload No right choice Truth revealed

Three of Swords

Upright Keyword : Heartbreak Separation Grief Sorrow Sadness Distress Loss Trauma Tears

Reversed Keyword : Healing Forgiveness Recovery Reconciliation Repressed emotions

Four of Swords

Upright Keyword : Rest Relaxation Peace Sanctuary Recuperation Self-protection Rejuvenation

Reversed Keyword : Recovery Awakening Re-entering the world Breaking isolation Restlessness Burnout

Five of Swords

Upright Keyword : Arguments Disputes Aggression Bullying Intimidation Conflict Hostility Stress

Reversed Keyword : Reconciliation Resolution Compromise Retaliation Regret Remorse Reducing Losses

Six of Swords

Upright Keyword : Moving on Leaving behind Transition Distance Learning from the past

Reversed Keyword : Stuck in the past Repeating mistakes Avoiding issues Feeling trapped

Seven of Swords

Upright Keyword : Deception Trickery Tactics Strategy Resourcefulness Stealth Cunning

Reversed Keyword : Confession Conscience Regret Malice Truth Revealed

Eight of Swords

Upright Keyword : Trapped Restricted Victimized Paralyzed Helpless Powerless Imprisoned

Reversed Keyword : Freedom Release Control Survivor Facing Fears Empowerment Surrender

Nine of Swords

Upright Keyword : Fear Anxiety Negativity Breakdown Despair Nightmares Isolation

Reversed Keyword : Recovery Coping Facing Life Seeking Help Shame Guilt Mental Health Issues

Ten of Swords

Upright Keyword : Destruction Failure Pain Collapse Exhaustion Dead End Victim Betrayal

Reversed Keyword : Survival Improvement Healing Lessons Learned Despair Relapse

Page of Swords

Upright Keyword : Curious Witty Talkative Sociable Inspired Vigilant Alert Quick-thinking

Reversed Keyword : Scattered Cynical Sarcastic Gossip Insults Rude Lack of Planning

Knight of Swords

Upright Keyword : Confident Direct Impatient Intelligent Bold Focused Perfectionist Ambitious

Reversed Keyword : Rude Tactless Harsh Bullying Aggressive Malicious Ruthless Arrogant

Queen of Swords

Upright Keyword : Honest Independent Principled Fair Constructive Criticism Objective Insightful

Reversed Keyword : Pessimistic Malicious Manipulative Harsh Bitter Spiteful Cruel Deceptive Unforgiving

King of Swords

Upright Keyword : Rational Authoritative Disciplined Integrity Moral Serious High Standards Strict

Reversed Keyword : Irrational Dictatorial Oppressive Inhumane Controlling Ruthless Unforgiving Dishonest