Cancer - Horoscope


Element: Water

Color: White

Ruling Planet: Moon

Best Match: Taurus Pisces Scorpio

Lucky Number: 2, 3, 15, 20

Date:6/21 ~ 7/22


Cancer Compatibility Index


Cancer Personality Traits

Strengths:Tenacious, Imaginative, Loyal, Emotional, Compassionate, Persuasive

Weaknesses:Moody, Pessimistic, Suspicious, Manipulative, Insecure

Cancer Likes:Art, Home-based hobbies, Relaxing near or in water, Helping loved ones, Enjoying good food with friends

Cancer Dislikes:Strangers, Any criticism of their mother, Exposure of their private life

Cancer individuals are usually emotionally rich, filled with passion and empathy. They highly value family and loved ones, and care deeply about friends and those around them. Cancerians are emotional and easily influenced by their surroundings and the emotions of others, thus needing a stable environment and support system to maintain emotional balance. They are very sensitive and can easily understand others' feelings and needs, often becoming a source of emotional support for friends and family.

Cancer individuals also value family life greatly, enjoying time with family and cherishing traditional values. They are very good at taking care of and protecting their family, willing to make any effort for their well-being. Additionally, Cancerians are very creative and imaginative, enjoying art and literature, with a strong interest in music, culture, and history.

However, Cancer individuals also have some shortcomings. They may get caught up in emotional fluctuations, sometimes letting themselves fall into negative emotions, and can become overly emotional, making them vulnerable. They also place great importance on comfort and security, sometimes lacking the courage to challenge themselves.

Overall, Cancer individuals are warm and caring, with deep and sensitive emotions. They love their family and friends deeply. Their creativity and imagination make them excel in the arts and literature, but their emotional nature and desire for comfort can also be their weaknesses.

Cancer - Love and Emotions


Cancer is an extremely emotional and sensitive sign, placing great importance on love and emotions, often showing extreme care and concern. They can easily sense others' emotions and respond delicately, often being referred to as 'sensitive diamonds.'

In love, Cancer is very romantic and serious, seeking genuine connections and emotional investment. They are easily attracted by the details of their partner and highly value the stability of family and relationships. For Cancer, a stable family and warm love are most important, so they usually strive to create a cozy home environment and stable relationships.

In terms of emotions, Cancer highly values friendship and intimate relationships, often being the most friendly and considerate person in a group. They work hard to maintain relationships, showing extreme tolerance and understanding. Cancer individuals are easily attracted by their sincerity and care, usually having many friends and close relationships.

Cancer - Family and Friends


Cancer is one of the most family-oriented and kind signs of the zodiac, placing great importance on family and friends. They have a strong protective instinct and caring attitude, often selflessly looking after their loved ones and providing support and help.

For Cancer, family is the most important part of their life. They cherish close relationships and spare no effort in attending to their family's needs. Cancer individuals are usually very familiar with family matters, often involved in family decisions and affairs, especially concerning the health and happiness of their loved ones.

Additionally, Cancer is very good at maintaining friendships and building new ones. They are typically very kind and friendly, enjoying meeting new friends and maintaining long-term stable friendships. Cancer individuals are excellent listeners and caring friends, always ready to provide help and support, and enjoy sharing their lives and experiences with others.

However, Cancer individuals also have areas that need improvement. They can sometimes be overly concerned and worried about their family and friends, becoming overprotective and controlling. They may also rely too much on the opinions of others, needing to learn to be more independent and self-reliant.

Cancer - Career and Money


Cancer's view on career and money is typically conservative and cautious. They highly value family and loved ones, so they tend to choose stable careers and incomes. They are usually very cautious decision-makers, carefully considering and evaluating every choice to avoid any risks and uncertainties.

Cancer individuals are very creative and imaginative, often excelling in creative industries such as art, design, and literature. They are also good at interacting with people, performing well in jobs involving public interaction, such as hospitality, tourism, and social activities.

Financially, Cancer individuals are usually very prudent, focusing on saving and managing their money. They strive to minimize unnecessary expenses and work hard to increase their assets and wealth. Additionally, Cancerians value quality and durability, willing to spend more on high-quality items and maintain them for longer use.

In their careers, Cancer individuals are also very diligent and proactive, often integrating their family and career, striving to create a better environment and quality of life. With their keen insight and understanding, they can quickly identify and solve problems, making them excellent in management and leadership.

Moreover, Cancer excels in communication and social interaction, establishing good relationships with different people, which is crucial in business and the workplace. Cancer individuals are typically very cautious and meticulous, effectively planning and managing their time and resources, and often setting long-term plans and goals. They appreciate the beauty of life and balance work with leisure to achieve success in both career and personal life.

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