Taurus - Horoscope


Element: Earth

Color: Green

Ruling Planet: Venus

Best Match: Virgo Capricorn Cancer

Lucky Number: 2, 6, 9, 12, 24

Date:4/20 ~ 5/20


Taurus Compatibility Index


Taurus Personality Traits

Strengths:Reliable, Patient, Practical, Dedicated, Responsible, Steady

Weaknesses:Stubborn, Possessive, Uncompromising

Taurus Likes:Gardening, Cooking, Music, Romance, High-quality clothes, Handicrafts

Taurus Dislikes:Sudden changes, Any form of insecurity

Taurus is the second sign of the Western zodiac. The symbol of the bull represents the steadfastness, endurance, and tenacity of this sign. Taureans value practicality and are often pragmatists who rarely make risky decisions. They enjoy a stable life and security, showing interest in simple, beautiful things. Their focus on material enjoyment can make them seem stubborn and conservative.

Taureans are usually very patient and do not give up easily. They have a strong desire for material possessions and are good at saving. Taureans enjoy socializing but typically only befriend those who share their interests and values. They value loyalty and stability in relationships.

Taureans make excellent work partners, being responsible, reliable, and diligent. Their attention to detail often makes them excel in their jobs. They are also good team players who can work well with colleagues to complete tasks. However, their conservative tendencies may lead to impatience with new ideas and innovation.

Taurus - Love and Emotions


Taureans are deeply fascinated by love and emotions, being the most sensually and materially inclined among the zodiac signs. They appreciate the tangible presence of love, especially the warmth and comfort in intimate relationships. Their desire for sensory stimulation and comfort is reflected in their romantic preferences, such as enjoying fine dining and high-quality food and drinks.

Taureans are typically cautious and conservative, taking a long time to build intimate relationships, but once they do, they become very loyal and steadfast. They value stability and long-term commitment in relationships, needing a sense of security and steadiness.

Additionally, Taureans place great importance on family and domestic life, with a strong need for marriage and family. They work hard to provide material security and comfort for their families.

Overall, Taureans take relationships very seriously, needing to feel secure and stable to fully invest in a relationship. They also need to experience the tangible presence of love, especially through material enjoyment and comfort.



Taureans highly cherish their family and friends, having a very stable and strong sense of family. They place great importance on caring for and supporting their loved ones, often putting them at the forefront of their minds. Below is an introduction to Taurus's approach to family and friends.

For family, Taureans are usually very caring, striving to make their family members feel comfortable and happy. They are practical and have a strong sense of savings, planning for the future of their family. They enjoy cooking and cleaning at home, making their family feel welcomed and comfortable. Taureans support their family during tough times, being the most reliable and steadfast support.

For friends, Taureans are very loyal and sincere. They may not have many friends, but their friendships are usually very close and long-lasting. They place great importance on caring for and supporting their friends, helping them materially and spiritually. Taureans take commitments seriously, believing that promises must be kept, and will strive to fulfill any promises made to their friends.

Overall, Taureans place great importance on their family and friends, being the most reliable support and protector. They cherish and take care of their loved ones, helping them as much as possible and planning for their future. For Taureans, family and friends are among the most important things in life, and they do their best to care for and support them.

Taurus - Career and Money


Taurus is a sign that emphasizes practicality and realism, approaching career and money with a steady and grounded attitude. They highly value economic stability and financial freedom, often engaging in practical, low-risk professions or investments, and focusing on savings and financial planning to ensure economic security.

In their work, Taureans are diligent and steady, progressing towards their goals step by step. They are cautious and meticulous, thoroughly considering risks and benefits, avoiding rash actions. Taureans have great patience and perseverance, handling difficulties and challenges with strong resilience and adaptability, persisting until the end.

Additionally, Taureans place great importance on career stability and long-term development. They often have clear career plans and goals, continuously learning and improving their professional skills and competitiveness. When choosing a career, Taureans prioritize factors such as salary, stability, work environment, and development prospects.

In terms of money, Taureans are excellent at financial management, wisely allocating and utilizing their wealth. They typically create detailed budget plans, focusing on financial management and savings, avoiding excessive spending and waste. Taureans desire financial freedom and usually save enough funds to handle emergencies and future risks.

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