Leo - Horoscope


Element: Fire

Color: Gold

Ruling Planet: Sun

Best Match: Aries Sagittarius Leo

Lucky Number: 1, 3, 10, 19

Date:7/23 ~ 8/22


Leo Compatibility Index


Leo Personality Traits

Strengths:Creative, Passionate, Generous, Warm-hearted, Cheerful, Humorous

Weaknesses:Arrogant, Stubborn, Self-centered, Lazy, Inflexible

Leo Likes:Theater, Vacations, Being admired, Expensive things, Bright colors, Having fun with friends

Leo Dislikes:Being ignored, Facing difficult reality, Not being treated like a king or queen

Leos usually have strong personalities and confidence, making them very charismatic. They enjoy being the center of attention and love to showcase themselves in front of others. Leos are very confident, believing in their ability to be leaders, and often succeed in achieving this goal. They possess high decisiveness and leadership skills, allowing them to perform excellently in various situations.

In addition, Leos are very generous and magnanimous, often willing to give to others. They enjoy life and typically have high tastes and demands, pursuing beautiful things with a passion. Leos are also very confident in their abilities and decisions, but they can sometimes be stubborn and arrogant.

Leos are also a very passionate sign, filled with enthusiasm and motivation for their goals and dreams. They love to spread their passion and positive energy to those around them, making everyone feel their enthusiasm and drive.

Overall, Leos are characterized by strong self-confidence and personality, with excellent leadership and decisiveness. They are also very generous and passionate, though sometimes they can be arrogant and stubborn, requiring more understanding and tolerance from others.

Leo - Love and Emotions


Leos are usually passionate and eager for love. They enjoy being loved and admired and hope their partner shows them respect and admiration. They are confident in love, believing they can bring happiness and joy to their partner. Leos value romance and emotional expression, enjoying showcasing their creativity and talents in love to make their partner feel their passion and sincerity.

However, Leos can be proud and self-centered, wanting respect and praise in love, and prefer to control and lead the rhythm of the relationship. If their partner does not appreciate and admire them enough, Leos may feel neglected and become impatient and irritable.

Leos also highly value their image and outward appearance, hoping their partner respects and praises them, boosting their confidence and attractiveness in love. They enjoy displaying their love in public and are willing to spend money and time creating romance and surprises for their partner.

Leos are also very loyal and protective in love, willing to sacrifice and give for their partner. However, they need understanding and support from their partner, or emotional conflicts and friction may arise.

Leo - Family and Friends


Leos are a very family and friendship-oriented sign. They are passionate, loyal, generous, and caring, showing great concern and love for their family and friends. They are very hospitable, often inviting friends over and willing to do anything for them. To Leos, family and friendship are among the most important things in life, and they strive to maintain these relationships.

Regarding family, Leos deeply care for their parents and siblings, willing to spend any amount of time and effort on them. In the family, Leos are often the leaders, guiding the family towards a better direction and making decisions for them. Leos highly value family harmony and happiness, working hard to create a warm and harmonious family environment.

Regarding friends, Leos value friendship greatly. They enjoy sharing their successes and happiness with friends and are willing to offer help when needed. Leos typically have many friends due to their outgoing and friendly nature, enjoying making connections with various people. Among friends, Leos are usually energetic and influential, often organizing activities and gatherings for friends to have a good time.

Leo - Career and Money


Leos usually perform excellently in career and money matters. They typically have leadership skills and firm determination, bringing success to themselves and their teams. Leos care about their image and reputation, striving for success in the workplace and seeking praise from others.

Leos are very confident and believe in their ability to bring wealth to themselves. They often invest in high-return ventures or projects and achieve financial freedom through their efforts. However, due to their tendency for extravagance and luxury, Leos need to control their spending to avoid financial difficulties.

Leos also focus on their career development. They actively pursue higher positions and better salaries, continually working to improve their abilities and skills. They are good at communicating and building relationships, gaining more opportunities and support in the workplace.

Overall, Leos perform excellently in career and financial matters but need to control their spending and investments to avoid financial difficulties. They need to continually work on improving their abilities and skills to maintain their competitiveness in the workplace and achieve their career development goals.

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