Yue Lao Fortune Poems - Fortune Poem

First Fortune Stick

Extremely Auspicious

The ospreys sing “Guan-guan,”

On the sandbars in the river,

A graceful and fair lady,

A fine match for the gentleman.

Second Fortune Stick


The setting sun and a solitary bird fly together,

Autumn waters are the same color as the vast sky.

Third Fortune Stick

Extremely Auspicious

Worshipped in the ancestral temple,

Blessed are the descendants.

Fourth Fortune Stick


This person,

And has this illness.

This person,

And has this illness.

Fifth Fortune Stick


If you climb over the eastern neighbor's wall and embrace his daughter,

Then you will get a wife.

If you do not embrace,

Then you will not get a wife.

Sixth Fortune Stick

Very Auspicious

The wind stirs the sound of bamboo,

It seems like the sound of golden ornaments.

The moon moves the flower shadows,

I suspect a beautiful person is coming.

Seventh Fortune Stick


This is a humble house,

But my virtue is fragrant.

Eighth Fortune Stick

Medium High

They awaited me in the mulberry fields,

They wanted me in the upper palace,

They sent me to the banks of Qi.

Ninth Fortune Stick


Thus parents,

And the people of the nation all despise them.

Tenth Fortune Stick


It is said that raising children prepares for old age,

And storing grain prepares for famine.

Eleventh Fortune Stick


Cutting banana leaves to write Buddhist scriptures, golden lotuses no longer print in the courtyard.

The gentle breeze and bright moon are long remembered, the jade flute and red strings should be heard. Sickly, unable to bear thin clothing, the old makeup still lingers as one wakes from the initial drink.

Years pass with no news, lying down to watch the Cowherd and Weaver Girl stars.

Twelfth Fortune Stick


One is happy,

One is fearful.

Thirteenth Fortune Stick


The mountains and rivers are exhausted, seemingly with no way out,

Suddenly, the shadows of willows and bright flowers appear, revealing another village.

Fourteenth Fortune Stick

Extremely High

Who says bitter tea is bitter,

Its sweetness is like cress.

Celebrate your new marriage,

As affectionate as a historian and brother.

Fifteenth Fortune Stick


A gentleman considers propriety,

Not falsely accused of deceit and trickery.

Sixteenth Fortune Stick

Extremely High

Beloved person,

Person in one's heart,

Even the emotionless flowers and birds express feelings,

Together they rest on the branches, learning to nest together.

Seventeenth Fortune Stick


Virtue is the foundation,

Wealth is secondary.

Eighteenth Fortune Stick


Not only is inner virtue abundant,

But also supported by external charm.

Nineteenth Fortune Stick


Perhaps ten years,

Or seven or eight years,

Or five or six years,

Or three or four years.

Twentieth Fortune Stick


What to do,

Confucius says,

It is acceptable.

Twenty-first Fortune Stick

Extremely High

Within ten acres,

The mulberry trees are leisurely tended.

Twenty-second Fortune Stick

Extremely Auspicious

After a long drought, a sweet rain comes,

Meeting an old friend in a distant land,

On the night of the bridal chamber,

When the name is listed on the golden board.

Twenty-third Fortune Stick


Only a bit of old love remains,

Just like the spring silkworm to the end,

Still spinning silk.

Twenty-fourth Fortune Stick


His thoughts are exhausted,

But the resentment is not exhausted,

It is like the graceful phoenix losing its mate.

Twenty-fifth Fortune Stick


A suitable wife.

Twenty-sixth Fortune Stick

Extremely High

Bears and badgers,

Are auspicious for men.

Vipers and snakes,

Are auspicious for women.

Twenty-seventh Fortune Stick

Moderate High

With the beauty of a noble family.

Twenty-eighth Fortune Stick


Husband and wife,


Twenty-ninth Fortune Stick


Intentionally planting flowers, but they do not bloom,

Unintentionally planting willows, but they provide shade.

Thirtieth Fortune Stick


Talking farewell through the long night, longing again this spring.

The jade maiden cannot be seen, who else in the Wu Gorge?

Moving stones to fill the sea, riding a raft to ask the ford.

Thirty-first Fortune Stick


Setting traps, the night is quiet and the water is cold, the fish do not bite.

Laughing at the empty boat carrying the bright moon.

Thirty-second Fortune Stick


Due to the lotus, the lotus root is obtained,

Having apricots, there is no need for plums.

Thirty-third Fortune Stick

Extremely Auspicious

Can be entrusted with the care of an orphan,

Can be entrusted with the fate of a hundred miles.

Thirty-fourth Fortune Stick


Continuing the old way, how should it be?

Why change it?

Thirty-fifth Fortune Stick


Meeting someone unsuitable.

Thirty-sixth Fortune Stick


Throwing me a peach,

I repay with a jade jewel.

Thirty-seventh Fortune Stick


If you seek it, you will get it,

If you abandon it, you will lose it.

Thirty-eighth Fortune Stick


A wife,

Is the master of kinship.

Thirty-ninth Fortune Stick


If not in harmony with parents,

One cannot be a person.

If not in harmony with parents,

One cannot be a good child.

Fortieth Fortune Stick


Wearing out iron shoes in search, but finding no place,

What is sought comes without effort.

Forty-first Fortune Stick

Moderate High

A good person,

Is someone to rely on for life,

As it is now.

Forty-second Fortune Stick


Layer upon layer up to the Jade Tower,

Calling the servant to sweep away but in vain,

The sun drives it away,

The moon sends it back.

Forty-third Fortune Stick


The gentleman has the peach of diligence,

The lady does not refuse the shuttle.

Forty-fourth Fortune Stick


Far and near as one,

Leading guests to the old king.

Forty-fifth Fortune Stick


The younger generation is to be feared,

Who knows if the future will be better than the present?

Forty-sixth Fortune Stick

Moderate High

No shame before Heaven,

No guilt before men.

Forty-seventh Fortune Stick


Harming women's embroidery work.

Forty-eighth Fortune Stick


Five hundred heroes are here,

Who knows who will be the champion?

Forty-ninth Fortune Stick

Moderate High

Knowing the bad in what was once good,

Finding beauty in what was once bad.

Fiftieth Fortune Stick


Two lifetimes in one body,

Alone and unsupported.

Fifty-first Fortune Stick


Although there are good people,

There is nothing more to be done.

Fifty-second Fortune Stick

Extremely Auspicious

Clouds follow the dragon,

Wind follows the tiger,

The sage emerges and all things flourish,

Everything will succeed for you!

Fifty-third Fortune Stick

Extremely Auspicious

What is thick becomes thin,

And what is thin becomes thick.

Fifty-fourth Fortune Stick


Success comes from Xiao He,

Failure also comes from Xiao He.

Fifty-fifth Fortune Stick


Do not dwell on past love,

Seek your new partner.

Fifty-sixth Fortune Stick

Extremely Auspicious

Forever old without separation,

Eternally together.

May all lovers in the world,

Become spouses.

Fifty-seventh Fortune Stick

Extremely Auspicious

It is said the phoenix flies,

Harmonious sounds resonate.

Fifty-eighth Fortune Stick


Old marriage ties,

Can they be renewed?

Fifty-ninth Fortune Stick


Sliced fish,

A common taste,

Lamb and jujube,

An individual taste.

Sixtieth Fortune Stick


If the heart is without fault,

Why fear what others say?

Sixty-first Fortune Stick


Not knowing the person,

Look at their friends.

Sixty-second Fortune Stick

Extremely Auspicious

A good couple is called a match.

Sixty-third Fortune Stick


A cuckoo cries blood at midnight,

Not believing the east wind will not return.

Sixty-fourth Fortune Stick

Moderate High

The great of Qi is not my match.

Sixty-fifth Fortune Stick

Moderate High

In the secluded boudoir, I pity myself.

Sixty-sixth Fortune Stick


Startled, I turn back,

With resentment, no one understands.

Choosing a cold branch, unwilling to perch,

Lonely sandbar cold.

Sixty-seventh Fortune Stick



It will succeed.

Sixty-eighth Fortune Stick

Moderate High

If it is worth seeing,

All have joy,

Not necessarily the rare and beautiful.

Sixty-ninth Fortune Stick


The world is full of people who let others down,

Why must it be so?

Seventieth Fortune Stick

Moderate High

There is profit in pursuing it.

Seventy-first Fortune Stick

Medium High

Even if there is silk and hemp,

Do not abandon straw and reeds.

Even if there is a noble lady,

Do not abandon humble ones.

Seventy-second Fortune Stick


By what you do,

Seek what you do,

Like fishing in a tree.

Seventy-third Fortune Stick

Great Good Luck

White clouds clear after the rain,

Birds are chasing each other.

Seventy-fourth Fortune Stick


Regret meeting late.

Seventy-fifth Fortune Stick


Stealing fragrance and jade with effort,

Yet achieving nothing.

Since the flowering crabapple bloomed,

Thinking till now.

Seventy-sixth Fortune Stick


Forget the feet,

When the shoes fit well.

Forget the waist,

When the belt fits well.

Seventy-seventh Fortune Stick


Marked with plum blossoms,

Actually seven.

Seek me, scholars,

Wait for the auspicious time.

Seventy-eighth Fortune Stick


Haste makes waste.

Seeing small gains,

Big things will not be accomplished.

Seventy-ninth Fortune Stick


Sprinkle everywhere in the guest house green,

A thousand strands of new willow colors.

Eightieth Fortune Stick


There is no greater sorrow than separation,

There is no greater joy than a new acquaintance.

Eighty-first Fortune Stick


Manage and operate,

It will soon succeed.

Eighty-second Fortune Stick


Proceed forward,

With the Vermilion Bird in front and the Black Tortoise behind,

With the Azure Dragon on the left and the White Tiger on the right.

Eighty-third Fortune Stick


Temporarily set aside.

Eighty-fourth Fortune Stick


Advise you not to cherish golden robes,

Advise you to cherish your youthful times.

When flowers bloom, they should be picked immediately,

Do not wait until there are no flowers to pick only branches.

Eighty-fifth Fortune Stick

Supremely Auspicious

Getting what one desires,

Getting what one desires.

Eighty-sixth Fortune Stick


The Milky Way is clear and shallow,

How far apart are we?

Separated by a single waterway,

We gaze at each other but cannot speak.

Eighty-seventh Fortune Stick


Just like the phoenix leaving Qin Tower,

The clouds gather at Mount Wu.

Eighty-eighth Fortune Stick


This is not what I mean by love.

Eighty-ninth Fortune Stick


Divination to resolve doubts,

Why divine if there are no doubts?

Ninetieth Fortune Stick


If two hearts are long-lasting,

Why does it matter if they are together day and night?

Ninety-first Fortune Stick


Your past is over,

I only speak of the present.

Ninety-second Fortune Stick


Bright as the moon,

When can it be grasped?

Ninety-third Fortune Stick

Most Auspicious

Life is like a fleeting dream,

How much joy can there be?

Ninety-fourth Fortune Stick


Smooth talk and pleasant appearance,

Lack true virtue.

Ninety-fifth Fortune Stick


The wings of the locusts,

Buzzing sound.

Bless your offspring,

They will flourish.

Ninety-sixth Fortune Stick

Most Auspicious

Even as a whip-wielding servant,

I would do it.

Ninety-seventh Fortune Stick


Return to Chu, the Chu people do not believe.

Return to Han, the Han people are shocked.

Where do you plan to settle down?

Ninety-eighth Fortune Stick


Last night spring grass grew by the river,

A great ship moves lightly as a feather.

In vain were past efforts,

Now it smoothly sails midstream.

Ninety-ninth Fortune Stick


First, you must endure hardships.

One Hundredth Fortune Stick

Most Auspicious

Flowers bloom,

The moon is full,

Life is long.

King of Fortune Sticks

King of Fortune Sticks

A perfect match made in heaven,

A divine and beautiful couple.

What more could you ask for?